• High speed USB

    USB is an external bus standard used to regulate the connection and communication between computers and external devices. It is an interface It is applied to the interface technology of the PC field. USB interface has three speed specifications High-speed is 25Mbps ~ 400Mbps. The fastest speed i...
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  • header socket

    In daily life, sockets are ubiquitous. We use sockets for electricity .The socket is a socket that has one or more circuit wiring pluggable through which various wirings can be inserted.It is easy to connect with other circuits. Through the connection and disconnection between the line and the co...
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  • Small pitch connector

    A connector is an electrical connector. That is, a device that connects two active devices and transmits current or signals. Between the blocked part in the circuit and the isolated circuit, it builds a communication bridge so that the current flows. The connector is an indispensable part of elec...
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  • What is the function of micro-usb interface?

    What is the function of micro-usb interface?

    USB is an external bus standard used to regulate the connection and communication between computers and external devices. It is widely used in personal computers, mobile devices and other information and communication products, and extended to photographic equipment, digital television (set-top b...
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  • 2 pin 3 pin 4 pin 5 pin connector plug

    2 pin 3 pin 4 pin 5 pin connector plug

    2 pin 3 pin 4 pin 5 pin connector plug socket contact resistance detection function basic principle Look at the surface of the 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin connector plug and socket contact parts under an optical microscope. Although the bronzing layer is very smooth, you can still observe a 5-10 ...
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  • USB pulg

    USB pulg

    As a necessary interface for a computer, USB is a universal interface. Is your USB interface 2.0 or 3.0? Does it support fast charging? In addition to transferring files and charging your mobile phone, does your USB Type C interface support display, charging your computer, and an external dockin...
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  • SMT pin header

    SMT pin header

    owadays, as more and more electronic products are used in people’s daily life, the development of various new electronic devices has come out. Connectors, as an indispensable part of these electronic products, naturally also require more and more. In terms of product quality, it is also ge...
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  • Pin connector

    Pin connector

    The utility model relates to the field of electronic technology, in particular to providing a pin plug connector. Background technique: High current signal transmission is a widely used communication technology in the market today. Therefore, connectors based on high-current signal transmission h...
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  • USB Plug

    USB plugs advantage The USB plug has a versatile function, which makes the performance of the plug fully utilized and saves resources. Going out, no need to bring multiple plugs, it is very convenient to carry. Because of its convenience and practicality, the role of the USB plug has gained more ...
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  • SMT Connector

    SMT connectors are mainly used in electrical and electronic equipment. Compared with traditional connections, SMT connectors have many advantages. 1. Save installation costs and increase production efficiency This conclusion is indicated by the relevant manufacturer test data. Compared with the t...
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  • Type C Plug

    Type C plug The C-type plug has many branches. In fact, the C-type plug is the CEE 7/16 specification, which is a common type in Europe. The Type C plug is designed to work with other standard outlets. In order to meet the requirements of its compatibility, it is suitable for power sockets in Eur...
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  • Board-to-Board Connector

    Nowadays, the connector electronic component market is fiercely competitive. From the earliest appearance of the fpc connector to the current board-to-board connector, it is not difficult to see that the connector needs are quite large in related fields, then, about the board to board. Connector,...
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