Box Header

The box header is a type of electronic connectors.The box header usually consists of a square plastic socket and a number of square pins arranged neatly.

The peripheral size of the simple cattle connector is commonly used in three specifications of 1.27 pitch,2.0 pitch,and 2.54 pitch. According to the difference in pitch, the diameter of the square header is also changed accordingly. The contact surface between the bottom and the PCB board can be designed as SMT patch and DIP 180 degrees.

After being welded to the PCB board, box header connects the IDC cable of the corresponding specification and forms the circuit connection mode that the designer needs to achieve with another circuit. It is usually used to transmit control signals and weak current.

The size of the box header socket is 2.54mm and 2.50mm.The color of the simple horn socket panel is uniform and the surface is smooth and free of depressions, noise, bubbles, stains, cracks, swelling, lack of glue, deformation, scratches and shrinkage. The metal parts are free of burrs, cracks, corrosion marks, rust and screw head damage.

It is forbidden to set up box header socket in wet places such as showers and bathtubs in the bathroom.The box header connector installed in other areas should be splash-proof. When there is an external window, the exhaust fan junction box and socket should be reserved beside the external window. Since the exhaust air duct is generally near the shower area or the bathtub, the junction box and socket should be installed more than 2.25m above the ground.

The box header is mainly used in various electronic products such as computers, televisions, communications, security, digital and so on.

Post time: May-21-2020